Om Shanti. As is the food, so will be the mind. Which means the vibrations in our food Have a direct influence on our state of mind. To make the vibrations of food elevated, pure and powerful Just need to take care of a few simple aspects. The most important is – the means through which we earned money, and used that money to buy the food. So it starts first and foremost with the way we earned money. Because it is that money which is going to be used to buy the food. So the energy of that money Has a direct impact on energy of the food.

If we prepare a Satvik meal and prepare it lovingly But the money we earned – which was used to buy the ingredients If that money was earned by making someone unhappy or sad If somebody was cheated in the process If there was greed, jealousy or anger in the process If such energies have come along with the money earned There will be a direct effect on that meal. How to prepare a Satvik meal, the first step is to have Satvik money. Which means we really have to take care of the way the money has been earned.

The way we work and the way we earn money. It is important to earn money but more important to focus on our state of mind while earning. When we are working and interacting with other people throughout the day. The people who are working for us The people or organisation for whom we are working. Somebody may be client to me, somebody an employee or somebody our colleagues. Everyone around me while I am working How are my thoughts and behaviours with them? Are they satisfied with me? Am I contented? Is that task being done lovingly and to benefit everybody? It is important to earn money. More important is to earn blessings along with money. Money can buy us things which we can see.

Money is physical, it will buy everything that money can buy. But the way we earn money If that money has come along with blessings Then that money will bring happiness home. We refer to such money as pure, sattvic money. There is no element of cheating anyone. Everybody’s benefit was thought of. So that money comes home at end of the month after pure transactions. The food we buy using that money That is the first stage of Satvik food.

The most important aspect is to earn Satvik money. Secondly the environment in kitchen Where we cook food The kitchen should not just be physically clean, but its vibrations should be high. Experiment this in your kitchen Have a music system or a phone that plays devotional songs. Let it play bhajans, Mantras or soft music throughout the day. If high energy words reverberate in the kitchen throughout the day When these high energy words enter every single fruit, vegetable, grain, water – everything that is stored in the kitchen Those high-energy words are about God’s knowledge.

They are filled with purity, peace, power and happiness When high energy words radiate into the kitchen throughout the day What is the first stage of sattvic lifestyle. If someone who is cooking food does not follow this but does something else If the person listens to movie songs or songs on the radio That is also a way of cooking food We need to pause and think what what energy of words get into to the food we eat. Is that who you want to become?

Because food absorbs vibrations. The vibration of the song being played becomes the vibration of the food being prepared. And the vibration of the food will influence the state of mind once it is eaten. Lat us play songs of remembrance of God in the kitchen. So the kitchen is not only to be physically clean Let it vibrationally be of very high energy. What about the state of mind of the person cooking the food?

As much as possible, cook food by yourself for your family. When you cook for your family Your Sanskars, thoughts and feelings And your love for the family will all get radiated into that food. Remember God while cooking food. Invoke God’s power and add it into the food. If there is a situation at home Children are having to give exams If someone at home is upset If somebody is unwell Take God’s power and add it into the food you are preparing. At the vibrations of peace, taken from the Ocean Of Peace (God) into every morsel of food.

The mind of everyone eating this food will become peaceful. Keep thinking this way while you are cooking the food. That is not food anymore, it has now become Prasad – consecrated food. Prasad has so much value in our life. Even though we get only a handful of Prasad we handle it carefully. We distribute it to everyone in little quantities. We don’t let even one grain fall on the ground because it is sacred Prasad. What is the difference between the meal we eat and Prasad? Prasad is prepared In remembrance of God. Prasad energizes everyone.

The food we eat nourishes us. There is a huge difference between the two. We can prepare Prasad at home everyday. The state of mind of the person preparing the food If you are preparing food for your family but your mind is disturbed If you have just returned from office and something about work is still on your mind If you had an argument with someone Or if there is some worry on your mind, then it is not the right time to prepare food. You cannot afford to cook food in this state of mind. You have to give yourself time. Sit down and relax for 10 or 15 minutes. Read something uplifting, or talk to yourself to resolve the issue on the mind. We cannot prepare food when our mind is in tamsik state.

Because if we cook food in tamsik state of mind State of mind of the people eating that food will also become same as ours. If you prepare food in a state of worry And then if you want or hope that nobody in your family experiences tension, that is not possible. Check your state of mind There should not be any issue or anything troubling your mind while you are cooking food. It is also possible that while cooking the mind wanders and starts thinking of some issue. Somebody said something, an incident that happened in the past, what is to be done, and so on.

These are not the thoughts to be created while cooking. We have to be very very aware while cooking. Just like we pay attention to which ingredients to add How much spice to add or how much salt to add. If it is not proportionately added, the taste of the dish changes completely. Now we need to pay attention to what thoughts to add into that food. Only and only what I want my family to be. God’s love, peace, power and purity. It is important that every meal at home is converted into Prasad. How will it become Prasad? The first step is Satvik money.

Money we earn is pure and clean. Next step is to have a clean kitchen. Let songs of remembrance of God be playing in the kitchen throughout the day. Not just when you are cooking but let them play throughout the day. Everything kept in the kitchen is getting energized with it. Next is the state of mind of the person cooking food. Satvik, peaceful and powerful. No other wrong thoughts on the mind. Create only those thoughts which nourish that food And thereby energize the family. Then we have not just cooked food, but we have prepared Prasad. Om Shanti.

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