There are so many different ways to make money online.

So many people should some mistakes by just seeing number of money.because some people think of that much money we cannot make it (or) some others think of That money is very less than our job.

For Example,Some people think that if one company gives $5000/month and some others gives $10000/month.But The people automatically decided to go for $10000/month.

That couldn’t be further from the reality.

Income is the only one way of different metrices of the business that you should consider when deciding your future career path.

If you want to see that other variables,followed by below.


We can earn money online very easily by using internet.

You can see some advertisements shows that they’re made ‘x’ money in ‘y’ days. For Example, one business says that ” My business earned $400 days in 3 days! You can approach my business! You should also can earn more than my earnings in business”.

Now We can Start a little bit different methods.

Some peoples told like above but they shows their earning proofs, but They’ll not showing about their investment invested on business.But they will never tell this.

Some types of how to earn:

1.From Affiliate website:

In this process getting more than 95% of the visitors comes organically from the search engines.

2.From Affiliate Marketing:

In this process more than 90% if revenue generated by paid Ads.

The Revenue here, generated by Google, Facebook,Youtube and some other Ads.

3.From Blogging:

The Bloggers also earning more money by just posting articles on a trending topics.

4.From E-commerce Stores:

Here, there is a less income The business persons earn upto 30% from the profit for each sold products.

2)Active Income Vs Passive Income

Active income means that you earn money only when you work. When you stop working, your income stops coming in.

Passive income means that you earn that money even while you are not actively working anymore. If you stop working, you will make money for months, years or even decades to come.

When you consider starting a new money-making strategy, ask this question: “Is that passive income or active income?”

  • A Business makes $9,000/month.
  • Your affiliate website makes $3,000/month.
  • => Which one would YOU take?

I would choose the second option.


1)In the first option, the business may be shouldn’t run so long. Some businesses Are already shutting down.

2)But In the second option the affiliation cannot end because we have to promote some business. There are so many businesses to these process cannot end.

1.We can Earn $10000 Immediately:

If the affiliate business need to sell so many products,on that products we can promote all that products you can earn more than as you required.But in the jobs that much money can earn in more than one year.

2.If You Quit your Job:

There are several ways to earn.But immediately you cannot earn so much money.It will takes several months to build income.

You can make money from affiliate marketing.Here, some examples of affiliate marketing

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • Paytm
  • E-bay
  • Some Others Are there.

If you have a website or a YouTube channel where you have uploaded content, it will make you money on autopilot even though you would be taking your loved ones for a holiday and you wouldn’t check it for months.

If someone builds an Amazon FBA store here are just a couple of responsibilities:

  1. Research and contact producers in China and make sure that they sent products to Amazon warehouse to the US.
  2. Calculate that you’ll make a profit in the process.
  3. Wait that the products are shipped.
  4. Create listings on Amazon.
  5. Market the listings.
  6. Etc. Etc.

3) What Are Your Values & Priorities?

The purpose of any business is to provide value to the marketplace but that value can mean so many different things.

People value things differently. For example, many people would argue that certain tobacco products don’t bring any value to the marketplace. They only make people’s health worse.

That’s again an extreme example but the same phenomenon happens in many different forms. For example, there are a lot of online scammers who make their income deceitfully. They promise you a moon from the sky but deliver you almost nothing.

With affiliate marketing, you have FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

I know affiliate marketers that make big money online but nobody knows their names. You can build a website and you never need to show your face or name if you don’t want to. You never need to talk to anyone if you don’t want to.

Alternatively you can become an influencer that everyone knows.

Or choose something between those two extremes.

With many other professions you don’t have such freedom of choice.

4) Earn $3,000/month but pay $300/month rent?

This comparison is more related to making money online vs making money in a 9-5 job.

I have been shocked when I’ve seen YouTube videos where they show how much apartments cost in the major cities in the US.

In many cities and countries around the world you’ll get a comfortable apartment for $500/month. In many cases $1,500/month will give you a luxurious apartment with all the amenities you can imagine.

However, if you are stuck in a major city in the US, you may need to pay $1,500/month just for a basic apartment.

That price difference doesn’t only apply to apartments but to everything else in life.

When I’m in Finland (in my home country) and if I want to order food, it can easily cost me $20-30 per meal with a delivery (I use dollars in this example because most WA members use dollars).

In many other countries I can get the same meal for $5-$10. Now that is 3 times cheaper for the same meal!

Or if I want to have a professional massage in Finland, it would cost me minimum $70-80/hour. While in Hoi An Vietnam I was able to get a massage for $20 from one of the best places in town with stones, tea and all great stuff. (Needless to say that Hoi An is one of my favorite places on Earth! It’s absolutely beautiful!)

I got a haircut in Finland. It took me 30-40 minutes and cost me $30. I got a haircut in Hoi An and it cost me $5 AND they give you a relaxing shoulder massage as a FREE BONUS!

Pro tip! In low-cost countries barbers are often faster and more skillful because they need to cut so much in order to earn a basic salary. In high-cost countries they often have less experience because they earn the same money faster.

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